I’ve been having Mr. Eeds represent me for 6+ years and on a few different types of cases. He’s done a fantastic job! He cares about his clients and cases and has fought hard every time to get me a good & fair deal, I’ve never been disappointed with our outcome. I’d highly recommend him and will use him again if need be.
— Crystal
Chip represented me in several different cases. Each case was handled professionally and I would not hesitate to ask for his representation in the future should the need arise. It’s worth every penny for an attorney like Mr Eeds to have your back!
— Chrissie
I have had the privilege of knowing and on occasion been represented by Chip A. Eeds Law Office since 2007. While representing me Chip demonstrated outstanding commitment to my case. His courtroom daminor is fierce, and direct. Is proven to be one of the top lawyers in his field. Always bringing favorable outcomes and exceeding my expectations. I am very satisfied with Chip A.Eeds Law Office, and will use them if ever needed in the future.
— Michelle
I chose Chip to represent me for all three of the times that I needed legal counsel. The outcome of each case turned out to be more positive than I ever expected it to be. The entire court appearance process was very smooth for me, I was completely satisfied with all of his work and the end results. Not only is he an honest and excellent attorney, he is such a welcoming and comfortable person to be around. I felt confident each time that I had him on my side. He will most definitely be the one that I call if I ever need representation again.
— Kristen
Chip Eeds has helped me and my family with legal matters both big and small, he has always been diligent on any matter we’ve brought before him. His council over the years has been priceless.
— Roger
I will not mention my name due to the case, but I’d like to say a little something about Chip. Hands down the absolute best attorney, I’ have used different Attorneys and none of them have been so encouraging, positive, motivating, and informative. Chip answers every question I have (yes, even the stupid ones) and he explains things until I completely understand he has fought for me as though he is in my shoes. DHS has come into my life over bogus statements and allegations he fights as though this is his child. I’m Extremely grateful and I have been able to stay positive in this bad situation, he always encourages me letting me know I’m doing good and I can make it through this. I have told him a few things about my life and what I’ve been through he has offered me to join things and encourages me to continue on the right tract even tho it has nothing to do with my case, he will text me and puts up with me crying and freaking out over the little things lol... He doesn’t get upset or mad he comforts me and offers words of wisdom or reminds me what I’m fighting for. If you ever need am attorney call him I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Chip, I do not have words to explain how appreciative and grateful l I am to you.
— Anonymous
I was a intravenous meth user for years and was in a dark hopeless place , thought I was headed to prison for sure and another child headed to DHS custody due to my disease of addiction . Chip got the Beckham county DA to accept me into the drug court program . This was the beginning of a New Life not only for me but for my parents and my children . I feel like Chip saved my life and I’m so grateful I have truly found a new way to live . All four of my children are back in my life , two of which I was separated from years. I manage a sober living house for women and am an active member in Narcotics Anonymous & Alcoholics Anonymous.
— Bobbi
We would like to thank Chip Eeds and associates from the Crossroads Bar on our zoning case (that would have ended our doing business) that had a very favorable ending. We didn’t understand some of the things going on with the zoning, but Chip and associates had the knowledge and experience for our win, and we are still here!
— Crossroads Bar
Chip Eeds saved my life by getting me to the help I so desperately. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for him. He started out as my attorney. Today I’m grateful to call him my friend.
— Dean
Mr. Eeds is as good as it gets in terms of effective and experienced counsel, especially on matters requiring local expertise and understanding of the local court’s personalities and processes. He has handled a host of matters, large and small, for my family and I over the years, and has done so with skill and proficiency that is without peer. He encompasses all the traits you want from a counsel (articulate, smart, tough, understanding, uncommonly practical, and responsive).”
— Kendra